Why is Teen Alcohol Abuse becoming such as Strain on the Treatment Program in Georgia?

July 9, 2008

It has always been the intention of the addiction treatment program in Georgia to root out alcoholism completely from the state. While other state programs would be satisfied with simply containing the alcohol addiction in a person to a manageable level, alcohol treatment in Georgia means to wipe out the habit completely from the person, taking care that a re-addiction does not occur. While this is a daunting task in itself, what is adding to the problem is the fact that there is a growing rate of alcohol addiction among the youth in the state.

Youth alcohol addiction is certainly a much more dangerous proposition than adult alcohol addiction, because if a person begins early on with alcohol, there are higher chances that an addiction will take place. In fact, it is seen that people who begin alcohol before the age of 18 years are four times likelier to have a full-blown alcohol addiction later in life than the people who start alcohol after the age of 25 years.

But the problems do not stop there. There are things further complicating the issue of alcohol addiction in Georgia. Young men and women who get used to the taste of alcohol will want to try out other kinds of mind and mood altering substances. They may try out chemicals such as drugs. This may give rise to the very lethal methamphetamine addiction. In this way, alcohol addiction can become a route to other forms of substance abuse in Georgia. This is what the state is pitching most of its efforts against.


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